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Biblia - Sväté písmo

(CPDV - Anglický - Catholic PD)

Sir 19, 1-28

1 An inebriated worker will not be wealthy. And whoever despises littleness will fall a little at a time. 2 Wine and women cause wise men to fall away, and then they will complain against those who understand. 3 And whoever joins himself to fornicators will become wicked. Decay and worms will inherit him, and he will be denounced as the greater example, and his soul will be deducted from the number. 4 Whoever is quick to believe has a trivial heart and will be diminished. And whoever offends against his own soul will have even less. 5 Whoever rejoices in iniquity will be condemned. And whoever hates correction will have less in life. But whoever hates excessive talk extinguishes evil. 6 Whoever sins against his own soul will be punished. And whoever rejoices in malice will be condemned. 7 You should not repeat a wicked and harsh word, and then you will not be diminished. 8 Do not reveal your mind to friend or foe. And if there is a sin within you, do not disclose it. 9 For he will listen to you and watch you, and while pretending to defend your sin, he will despise you, and so he will be whenever he is with you. 10 Have you heard a word against your neighbor? Let it die within you, trusting that it will not burst forth from you. 11 Before the face of a word, a foolish man labors, like a woman groaning as she gives birth to a child. 12 Like an arrow fixed in the flesh of the thigh, so is a word in the heart of a foolish man. 13 Correct a friend, though perhaps there was a misunderstanding, and he may say, “I did not do it.” Or, if he did do it, correct him, so that he may not do it again. 14 Correct your neighbor, for perhaps he did not say it. But if he did say it, correct him, so that he may not say it again. 15 Correct your friend. For often a fault has been committed. 16 And do not believe every word. There is one who slips with his word, but not with his heart. 17 For who is there who has not offended with his words? Correct your neighbor before you reprimand him. 18 And make a place for the fear of the Most High. For all wisdom is fear of God, and it is wise to fear God, and in all wisdom is the orderly disposition of the law. 19 But the discipline of wickedness is not wisdom. And there is no prudence in the thoughts of sinners. 20 There is a wickedness, and in it there is abomination. And there is a foolish man who has been diminished in wisdom. 21 Better is a man who has been diminished in wisdom because his mind is failing, but with the fear of God, than he who abounds in intelligence, but with transgression against the law of the Most High. 22 There is a certain cleverness, and it is unjust. 23 And there is one who utters a careful word, explaining away the truth. There is one who humbles himself wickedly, for his interior is filled with deceit. 24 And there is one who lowers himself excessively with a great debasement. And there is one who inclines his face downward, and pretends as if he did not see what has not been made known. 25 And if he is prevented from sinning by a lack of ability, and then finds an opportunity for evildoing, he will do evil. 26 A man is recognized by his appearances. But when you meet an understanding man, he is recognized by his face. 27 The clothing of the body, and the laughter of the teeth, and the walk of a man, give a report about him. 28 There is a lying correction in the anger of a contemptuous man. And there is a judgment which does not prove to be good. But there is one who is silent, and the same is prudent.

Sir 19, 1-28

Sir 19,1 - V hebrejskom nadväzuje na 18,32 n. a pokračuje:"Kto si tak počína, nezbohatne,a komu nestačí málo, zahynie."

Sir 19,2 - Podľa hebrejského: "Víno a ženy nadýmajú srdce (t. j. k veľkej pýche)."

Sir 19,3 - Podľa gréckeho: "Kto sa vešia na necudnice, bude smelší (aj k iným zločinom)."

Sir 19,4 - Ľahkovernosť sama v sebe nosí svoj trest. Grécka osnova tak hovorí o tom:"Kto sa tým prehrešuje, previní sa sám proti sebe."

Sir 19,19 - Chytráctvo a mazanosť nie sú múdrosťou, lebo mnohí tieto schopnosti zneužívajú na zlo. A kde je zlo, tam je ďaleko múdrosť.

Sir 19,24 - Podľa gréckeho je:"Sklopí si tvár a robí sa hluchým,ale keď ho nepozorujú, prekvapí ťa."

Sir 19,28 - V gréckej osnove znie takto: "Je dohováranie, ktoré nie je na mieste, a je taký človek, ktorý mlčí, a vtedy je múdry."