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Biblia - Sväté písmo

(CPDV - Anglický - Catholic PD)

Ez 15, 1-8

1 And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: 2 “Son of man, what can be made from the stalk of a vine, compared to all the plants of the woods that are among the trees of the forests? 3 Can any wood be taken from it, so that it may be made into a work, or formed into a peg so as to hang some kind of vessel upon it? 4 Behold, it is used in the fire as fuel. The fire consumes both its ends; and its middle is reduced to ashes. So how can it be useful for any work? 5 Even when it was whole, it was unsuitable for a work. How much more so, when fire has devoured it and burned it up, will nothing of it be useful? 6 Therefore, thus says the Lord God: Like the stalk of the vine among the trees of the forests, which I have given to be devoured by fire, so will I deliver the inhabitants of Jerusalem. 7 And I will set my face against them. They will go away from fire, and yet fire will consume them. And you shall know that I am the Lord, when I will have set my face against them, 8 and when I will have made their land impassable and desolate. For they have stood forth as transgressors, says the Lord God.”

Ez 15, 1-8

Ez 15,1-5 - Hodnota viniča je len v jeho ovocí. Obyvatelia Jeruzalema sú tiež bezcenní, nie sú súci na nič, iba ak na oheň. A k tomu sú už aj načatí ohňom, už ich zastihlo veľa pohrôm, a keď doteraz vyšli z ohňa skúšok živí, terajšie navštívenie ich zničí.