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Biblia - Sväté písmo

(CPDV - Anglický - Catholic PD)

Ž 118, 1-176

1 Alleluia. ALEPH. Blessed are the immaculate in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord. 2 Blessed are those who examine his testimonies. They seek him with their whole heart. 3 For those who work iniquity have not walked in his ways. 4 You have ordered your commandments to be kept most diligently. 5 I wish that my ways may be directed so as to keep your justifications. 6 Then I will not be confounded, when I will look into all your commandments. 7 I will confess to you with honesty of heart. In this way, I have learned the judgments of your justice. 8 I will keep your justifications. Do not utterly abandon me. 9 BETH. By what does an adolescent correct his way? By keeping to your words. 10 With my whole heart, I have sought you. Do not let me be driven away from your commandments. 11 I have hidden your eloquence in my heart, so that I may not sin against you. 12 Blessed are you, O Lord. Teach me your justifications. 13 With my lips, I have pronounced all the judgments of your mouth. 14 I have been delighted in the way of your testimonies, as if in all riches. 15 I will be trained in your commandments, and I will consider your ways. 16 I will meditate on your justifications. I will not forget your words. 17 GHIMEL. Repay your servant, revive me; and I will keep your words. 18 Reveal to my eyes, and I will consider the wonders of your law. 19 I am a sojourner on the earth. Do not hide your commandments from me. 20 My soul has longed to desire your justifications at all times. 21 You have rebuked the arrogant. Those who decline from your commandments are accursed. 22 Take me away from disgrace and contempt, for I have sought your testimonies. 23 For even the leaders sat and spoke against me. But your servant has been trained in your justifications. 24 For your testimonies are also my meditation, and your justifications are my counsel. 25 DALETH. My soul has adhered to the pavement. Revive me according to your word. 26 I have declared my ways, and you have heeded me. Teach me your justifications. 27 Instruct me in the way of your justifications, and I will be trained in your wonders. 28 My soul has slumbered because of weariness. Confirm me in your words. 29 Remove the way of iniquity from me, and have mercy on me by your law. 30 I have chosen the way of truth. I have not forgotten your judgments. 31 I have adhered to your testimonies, O Lord. Do not be willing to confound me. 32 I have run by way of your commandments, when you enlarged my heart. 33 HE. O Lord, place the law before me, the way of your justifications, and I will always inquire into it. 34 Give me understanding, and I will examine your law. And I will keep it with my whole heart. 35 Lead me according to the path of your commandments, for I have desired this. 36 Bend my heart with your testimonies, and not with avarice. 37 Turn my eyes away, lest they see what is vain. Revive me in your way. 38 Station your eloquence with your servant, along with your fear. 39 Cut off my disgrace, which I have taken up, for your judgments are delightful. 40 Behold, I have longed for your commandments. Revive me in your fairness. 41 VAU. And let your mercy overwhelm me, O Lord: your salvation according to your eloquence. 42 And I will respond to those who reproach me by word, for I have hoped in your words. 43 And do not utterly take away the word of truth from my mouth. For in your judgments, I have hoped beyond hope. 44 And I will always keep your law, in this age and forever and ever. 45 And I have wandered far and wide, because I was seeking your commandments. 46 And I spoke of your testimonies in the sight of kings, and I was not confounded. 47 And I meditated on your commandments, which I loved. 48 And I lifted up my hands to your commandments, which I loved. And I was trained in your justifications. 49 ZAIN. Be mindful of your word to your servant, by which you have given me hope. 50 This has consoled me in my humiliation, for your word has revived me. 51 The 338 arrogant act altogether iniquitously, but I have not turned aside from your law. 52 I called to mind your judgments of antiquity, O Lord, and I was consoled. 53 Faintness has taken hold of me, because of the sinners, those who abandon your law. 54 Your justifications were the subject of my worthy singing, in the place of my pilgrimage. 55 During the night, I remembered your name, O Lord, and I kept your law. 56 This has happened to me because I sought your justifications. 57 HETH. O Lord, my portion, I have said that I would keep your law. 58 I have beseeched your face with my whole heart. Be merciful to me according to your word. 59 I have considered my ways, and I have turned my feet toward your testimonies. 60 I have been prepared, and I have not been disturbed, so that I may keep your commandments. 61 The ropes of the impious have encircled me, and I have not forgotten your law. 62 I arose in the middle of the night to confess to you, over the judgments of your justification. 63 I am a partaker with all those who fear you and who keep your commandments. 64 The earth, O Lord, is full of your mercy. Teach me your justifications. 65 TETH. You have done well with your servant, O Lord, according to your word. 66 Teach me goodness and discipline and knowledge, for I have trusted your commandments. 67 Before I was humbled, I committed offenses; because of this, I have kept to your word. 68 You are good, so in your goodness teach me your justifications. 69 The iniquity of the arrogant has been multiplied over me. Yet I will examine your commandments with all my heart. 70 Their heart has been curdled like milk. Truly, I have meditated on your law. 71 It is good for me that you humbled me, so that I may learn your justifications. 72 The law of your mouth is good for me, beyond thousands of gold and silver pieces. 73 IOD. Your hands have created me and formed me. Give me understanding, and I will learn your commandments. 74 Those who fear you will see me, and they will rejoice. For I have greatly hoped in your words. 75 I know, O Lord, that your judgments are fairness. And in your truth, you have humbled me. 76 Let it be your mercy that consoles me, according to your eloquence to your servant. 77 Let your compassion draw near to me, and I will live. For your law is my meditation. 78 Let the arrogant be confounded, for unjustly they have done iniquity to me. But I will be trained in your commandments. 79 Let those who fear you turn to me, along with those who know your testimonies. 80 Let my heart be immaculate in your justifications, so that I may not be confounded. 81 CAPH. My soul has faltered in your salvation, yet in your word, I have hoped beyond hope. 82 My eyes have failed in your eloquence, saying, “When will you console me?” 83 For I have become like a wineskin in the frost. I have not forgotten your justifications. 84 How many are the days of your servant? When will you bring judgment against those who persecute me? 85 The iniquitous have spoken fables to me. But these are unlike your law. 86 All your commandments are truth. They have been persecuting me unjustly: assist me. 87 They have nearly consumed me on earth. Yet I have not forsaken your commandments. 88 Revive me according to your mercy. And I will keep the testimonies of your mouth. 89 LAMED. O Lord, your word remains firm in heaven, for all eternity. 90 Your truth is from generation to generation. You have founded the earth, and it remains firm. 91 By your ordinance, the day perseveres. For all things are in service to you. 92 If your law had not been my meditation, then perhaps I would have perished in my humiliation. 93 I will not forget your justifications, for eternity. For by them, you have enlivened me. 94 I am yours. Accomplish my salvation. For I have inquired into your justifications. 95 The sinners have waited for me, in order to destroy me. I have understood your testimonies. 96 I have seen the end of the consummation of all things. Your commandment is exceedingly broad. 97 MEM. How have I loved your law, O Lord? It is my meditation all day long. 98 By your commandment, you have made me able to see far, beyond my enemies. For it is with me for eternity. 99 I have understood beyond all my teachers. For your testimonies are my meditation. 100 I have understood beyond the elders. For I have searched your commandments. 101 I have prohibited my feet from every evil way, so that I may keep your words. 102 I have not declined from your judgments, because you have stationed a law for me. 103 How sweet is your eloquence to my palate, more so than honey to my mouth! 104 I obtained understanding by your commandments. Because of this, I have hated every way of iniquity. 105 NUN. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my paths. 106 I have sworn it, and so I am determined to keep the judgments of your justice. 107 I have been altogether humbled, Lord. Revive me according to your word. 108 Make the willing offerings of my mouth well pleasing, Lord, and teach me your judgments. 109 My soul is always in my hands, and I have not forgotten your law. 110 Sinners have set a snare for me, yet I have not strayed from your commandments. 111 I have acquired your testimonies as an inheritance unto eternity, because they are the exultation of my heart. 112 I have inclined my heart to do your justifications for eternity, as a recompense. 113 SAMECH. I have hated the iniquitous, and I have loved your law. 114 You are my helper and my supporter. And in your word, I have greatly hoped. 115 Turn away from me, you malignant ones. And I will examine the commandments of my God. 116 Uphold me according to your eloquence, and I will live. And let me not be confounded in my expectation. 117 Help me, and I will be saved. And I will meditate always on your justifications. 118 You have despised all those who fell away from your judgments. For their intention is unjust. 119 I have considered all the sinners of the earth to be transgressors. Therefore, I have loved your testimonies. 120 Pierce my flesh with your fear, for I am afraid of your judgments. 121 AIN. I have accomplished judgment and justice. Do not hand me over to those who slander me. 122 Uphold your servant in what is good. And do not allow the arrogant to slander me. 123 My eyes have failed in your salvation and in the eloquence of your justice. 124 Deal with your servant according to your mercy, and teach me your justifications. 125 I am your servant. Give me understanding, so that I may know your testimonies. 126 It is time to act, O Lord. They have dissipated your law. 127 Therefore, I have loved your commandments beyond gold and topaz. 128 Because of this, I was directed toward all your commandments. I 339 held hatred for every iniquitous way. 129 PHE. Your testimonies are wonderful. Therefore, my soul has been examined by them. 130 The declaration of your words illuminates, and it gives understanding to little ones. 131 I opened my mouth and drew breath, for I desired your commandments. 132 Gaze upon me and be merciful to me, according to the judgment of those who love your name. 133 Direct my steps according to your eloquence, and let no injustice rule over me. 134 Redeem me from the slanders of men, so that I may keep your commandments. 135 Make your face shine upon your servant, and teach me your justifications. 136 My eyes have gushed like springs of water, because they have not kept your law. 137 SADE. You are just, O Lord, and your judgment is right. 138 You have commanded justice: your testimonies and your truth even more so. 139 My zeal has caused me to pine away, because my enemies have forgotten your words. 140 Your eloquence has been greatly enflamed, and your servant has loved it. 141 I am young and treated with contempt. But I have not forgotten your justifications. 142 Your justice is justice for all eternity, and your law is truth. 143 Tribulation and anguish have found me. Your commandments are my meditation. 144 Your testimonies are fairness unto eternity. Give me understanding, and I will live. 145 COPH. I cried out with my whole heart. Heed me, O Lord. I will ask for your justifications. 146 I cried out to you. Save me, so that I may keep your commandments. 147 I arrived first in maturity, and so I cried out. For in your words, I have hoped beyond hope. 148 My eyes preceded the dawn for you, so that I might meditate on your eloquence. 149 Hear my voice according to your mercy, O Lord. And revive me according to your judgment. 150 Those who persecute me have drawn near to iniquity, but they been brought far from your law. 151 You are near, O Lord, and all your ways are truth. 152 I have known from the beginning about your testimonies. For you founded them in eternity. 153 RES. See my humiliation and rescue me, for I have not forgotten your law. 154 Judge my judgment and redeem me. Revive me because of your eloquence. 155 Salvation is far from sinners, because they have not inquired about your justifications. 156 Many are your mercies, O Lord. Enliven me according to your judgment. 157 Many are those who persecute me and who trouble me. I have not turned away from your testimonies. 158 I saw the prevaricators, and I pine away. For they have not kept your word. 159 O Lord, see how I have loved your commandments. Revive me in your mercy. 160 The beginning of your words is truth. All the judgments of your justice are for eternity. 161 SIN. The leaders have persecuted me without cause. And my heart has been awed by your words. 162 I will rejoice over your eloquence, like one who has found many spoils. 163 I have held hatred for iniquity, and I have abhorred it. Yet I have loved your law. 164 Seven times a day, I uttered praise to you about the judgments of your justice. 165 Those who love your law have great peace, and there is no scandal for them. 166 I have waited for your salvation, O Lord. And I have loved your commandments. 167 My soul has kept to your testimonies and has loved them exceedingly. 168 I have served your commandments and your testimonies. For all my ways are before your sight. 169 TAU. O Lord, let my supplication draw near in your sight. Grant understanding to me according to your eloquence. 170 Let my petition enter before you. Rescue me according to your word. 171 A hymn will burst forth from my lips, when you will teach me your justifications. 172 My tongue will pronounce your eloquence. For all your commandments are fairness. 173 Let it be your hand that saves me. For I have chosen your commandments. 174 O Lord, I have longed for your salvation, and your law is my meditation. 175 My soul will live and will praise you, and your judgments will assist me. 176 I have gone astray like a sheep that is lost. Seek out your servant, for I have not forgotten your commandments.

Ž 118, 1-176

Verš 8
I will keep your justifications. Do not utterly abandon me.
Ž 62:8 - For you have been my helper. And I will exult under the cover of your wings.
Ž 146:3 - He heals the contrite of heart, and he binds up their sorrows.
Jer 17:5 - Thus says the Lord: “Cursed is a man who trusts in man, and who establishes what is flesh as his right arm, and whose heart withdraws from the Lord.
Jer 17:7 - Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, for the Lord will be his confidence.

Verš 16
I will meditate on your justifications. I will not forget your words.
Lk 1:51 - He has accomplished powerful deeds with his arm. He has scattered the arrogant in the intentions of their heart.

Verš 22
Take me away from disgrace and contempt, for I have sought your testimonies.
Iz 8:14 - And so shall he be a sanctification to you. But he will be a stone of offense and a rock of scandal to the two houses of Israel, and a snare and a ruin to the inhabitants of Jerusalem.
Iz 28:16 - For this reason, thus says the Lord God: Behold, I will set a stone within the foundations of Zion, a tested stone, a cornerstone, a precious stone, which has been established in the foundation: whoever trusts in him need not hurry.
Mt 21:42 - Jesus said to them: “Have you never read in the Scriptures: ‘The stone that the builders have rejected has become the cornerstone. By the Lord has this been done, and it is wonderful in our eyes?’
Mk 12:10 - “And so, have you not read this scripture?: ‘The stone which the builders have rejected, the same has been made the head of the corner.
Lk 20:17 - Then, gazing at them, he said: “Then what does this mean, which is written: ‘The stone which the builders have rejected, the same has become the head of the corner?’
Sk 4:11 - He is the stone, which was rejected by you, the builders, which has become the head of the corner.
Rim 9:33 - just as it was written: “Behold, I am placing a stumbling block in Zion, and a rock of scandal. But whoever believes in him shall not be confounded.”
Ef 2:20 - having been built upon the foundation of the Apostles and of the Prophets, with Jesus Christ himself as the preeminent cornerstone.
1Pt 2:4 - And approaching him as if he were a living stone, rejected by men, certainly, but elect and honored by God,
1Pt 2:7 - Therefore, to you who believe, he is honor. But to those who do not believe, the stone which the builders have rejected, the same has been made into the head of the corner,

Verš 6
Then I will not be confounded, when I will look into all your commandments.
Rim 8:31 - So, what should we say about these things? If God is for us, who is against us?

Z 118 - Žalm je mesiášsky, Ježiš Kristus cituje 22. a 23. verš tohto žalmu o sebe (Mt 21,42; Mk 12,10; Lk 20,17) a aj sv. Peter so sv. Pavlom svedčia, že sa spomenuté verše splnili na Ježišovi (Sk 4,11; Rim 9,32; 1 Pt 2,7). Keď Ježiš na Kvetnú nedeľu slávnostne vstupoval do Jeruzalema, sami Židia mu privolávali slová 25. a 26. verša tohto žalmu (Mt 21,9).

Z 118,1 - Porov. Ž 106,1; 107,1; 136,1; Jer 33,11.

Z 118,2-4 - Porov. Ž 115,9-11; 135,19 n.

Z 118,5-18 - Zdá sa, že žalmista hovorí za celý národ.

Z 118,19-20 - Slávnostný sprievod dochádza k chrámu. Prichádzajúci prosia o vstup do chrámu. Aspoň dva chóry si navzájom odpovedajú. V odpovediach sa zračí poďakovanie za oslobodenie Izraela. Ľud sa chce poďakovať Pánovi. - Na prosbu ľudu odpovedajú kňazi. Do Pánovho chrámu, do nádvoria Izraelitov môžu vstúpiť len "spravodliví", t. j. príslušníci vyvoleného národa a tí, čo už žijú podľa Pánovho zákona. Pohania nesmeli vstúpiť do nádvoria Izraelitov (Ž 15,2; 24,4).

Z 118,22 - "Kameň, čo stavitelia zavrhli" atď., príslovie, ktorým sa chce povedať, že Pán si vyvolil tento malý a slabý národ, ktorým všetci opovrhujú a šliapu po ňom, a urobil z neho "uholný kameň", základný kameň svojho kráľovstva na zemi. Na ňom bude spočívať aj stavba mesiášskeho kráľovstva, ktoré sa rozšíri po celom svete. A Izrael bude v ňom najdôležitejším činiteľom (Ž 87,1; Iz 2,3; 14,1; 45,14 atď.; Jer 51,26), z neho sa narodí Mesiáš. Ježiš Kristus použil tieto slová o sebe samom (Mt 21,42-44 a paral.; porov. tiež Sk 4,11; Ef 2,20 n.; 1 Pt 2,7) proti vtedajšiemu židovskému pokoleniu.

Z 118,27 - "Boh, Pán, je naším svetlom" (Nm 6,25; Ž 6,7).