Hľadaný výraz: Mt 18,10-14, Preklad: Anglický - Catholic PD, Počet výsledkov: 1
10 See to it that you do not despise even one of these little ones. For I say to you, that their Angels in heaven continually look upon the face of my Father, who is in heaven. 11 For the Son of man has come to save what had been lost. 12 How does it seem to you? If someone has one hundred sheep, and if one of them has gone astray, should he not leave behind the ninety-nine in the mountains, and go out to seek what has gone astray? 13 And if he should happen to find it: Amen I say to you, that he has more joy over that one, than over the ninety-nine which did not go astray. 14 Even so, it is not the will before your Father, who is in heaven, that one of these little ones should be lost.


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