Hľadaný výraz: Lv 27,16-19, Preklad: Anglický - Catholic PD, Počet výsledkov: 1
16 But if he has vowed a field of his possession, and has consecrated it to the Lord, the price shall be estimated according to the measure of the seed. If the land would be sown with thirty measures of barley, then let it be sold for fifty shekels of silver. 17 If he has vowed his field beginning from the current year of Jubilee, as much as it may be worth, so shall it be estimated. 18 But if, after some amount of time, the priest shall evaluate the money according to the number of years that remain until the Jubilee, then the price shall be reduced. 19 But if he who had vowed it, was willing to redeem his field, he shall add a fifth part of the money to the estimation, and then he shall possess it.


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