Hľadaný výraz: Joz 19,10-14, Preklad: Anglický - Updated King James, Počet výsledkov: 1
10 And the third lot came up for the children of Zebulun according to their families: and the border of their inheritance was unto Sarid: 11 "And their border went up toward the sea, and Maralah, and reached to Dabbasheth, and reached to the river that is before Jokneam; " 12 And turned from Sarid eastward toward the sunrising unto the border of Chislothtabor, and then goes out to Daberath, and goes up to Japhia, 13 "And from thence passes on along on the east to Gittahhepher, to Ittahkazin, and goes out to Remmonmethoar to Neah; " 14 And the border compasses it on the north side to Hannathon: and the utmost limit thereof are in the valley of Jiphthahel:


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